Our Lawyers

Our law firm consists of five lawyers, authorized to appear at all Regional and Higher Regional Courts, local, industrial, finance, administration and social courts in Germany.

Prof. Dr. Friedrich L. Ekey, lawyerProf. Dr. Friedrich L. Ekey, lawyer, founded the firm in 1986. He also lectures at the Rheinische Fachhochschule Köln (Rhenish University of Applied Science Cologne) covering the areas of competition law, anti-trust law and company law within the Fachbereich Wirtschaftsrecht I + II ("Department for Commercial Law I + II”).

He wrote a number of books and essays, which appeared among others in "Handelsblatt", "Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung", "Zeitschrift Deutsches Steuerrecht" and "Neue Zeitschrift für Gesellschaftsrecht". He has also given talks dealing with various law issues.

He is co-editor and author of the "Heidelberger Kommentar zum Gesetz gegen den unlauteren Wettbewerb” ("Heidelberg Commentary on Law Against Unfair Competition” (2nd edition 2005)), first published in 2000 by C.F. Müller Verlag, and of the "Heidelberger Kommentar zum Markenrecht” ("Heidelberg Commentary on Trademark Law” (2nd edition 2009)), also published by C.F. Müller Verlag in January 2003.

In time for the summer semester 2008, his textbook "Grundriss des Wettbewerbs- und Kartellrechts" ("Compendium of Competition and Anti-Trust Law”) (3rd edition 2009) was published as part of the series C.F. Müller Start, in which Dr. Ralf Schneider of Deutsche Telekom AG and lecturer at the university of Saarland in Saarbrücken, and Manuel Jansen, lawyer, give an introduction to telecommunication and domain law.

Mr Manuel Jansen, lawyerMr Manuel Jansen, lawyer, initially worked in Münster for a law firm specialising in commercial law. He dealt mainly with insolvency law. Since 1st July 2002 he has covered issues of commercial law within our firm, in particular IT law and intellectual property rights. He has given lectures on domain law and is co-author of the second edition of the "Heidelberg Commentary on Unfair Competition”, published at the beginning of 2005. Furthermore, he has worked on important regulations of the German Trademark Law in the second edition of the "Heidelberg Commentary on Trademark Law” which was planned in 2009. For this book he has, among others, commented the confusion regulations, prescriptions for rights of information and collective marks. Besides, he has written an introduction to domain law for the book "Grundriss zum Wettbewerbs- und Kartellrecht" ("Compendium of Competition and Anti-Trust Law”).


Mr Volker Ekey, lawyerMr Volker Ekey, lawyer, mainly deals with commercial law, especially with civil, business and company law as well as with intellectual property rights. Before working for our law firm he gained experience in the legal department of an insurance company as well as in a British law firm. He edited the description of the trademark law in England and Wales in the "Heidelberger Kommentar zum Markenrecht” ("Heidelberg Commentary on Trademark Law”), second edition 2009, as well as a part of "Grundriss des Wettbewerbs- und Kartellrechts mit Grundzügen des Marken, Domain- und Telekommunikationsrechts”, third edition 2009, both Heidelberg.



Mr Ludwig Weber, lawyerMr Ludwig Weber, lawyer, initially worked as a judge at the jurisdictional county district of Cologne. Now he acts as the legal adviser to a big public limited company in Cologne, mainly specialising in mining law. He is not a partner of ours.