Competition Law


Was ist verboten - was ist erlaubt?
("What is forbidden - what is allowed?”)
Heidelberg Commentary on Competition Law

Dr. Friedrich L. Ekey, lawyer and lecturer at Rheinische Fachhochschule Köln,
Prof. Dr. Diethelm Klippel,
Dr. Jost Kotthoff, lawyer,
Dr. Astrid Meckel, Regional Court judge,
Dr. Gunda Plaß, Regional Court judge,
In co-operation with Franziska Kramer, lawyer,
and Manuel Jansen, lawyer

Second revised edition 2005 1366 pages,
hardcover ISBN 3-8114-3053-X
C.F. Müller

Extracts from the information booklet

The revised form of the Law Against Unfair Competition sees a continuation of the liberalisation of the Competition Law. Crucial points of the reform are the increase of consumer protection, the abolition of the ban for special events through the omission of regulations for seasonal sales, jubilee sales and closing down sales, the introduction of the right to levy profits for anticompetitive actions and the regimentation of cold calls. Not only the numerous improvements but also the revised systematics of the law lead to an increased need of information for everyone concerned with this matter.

This book offers a quick and comprehensive overview of the matter through its clear structure and practical comments which help the reader find solutions quickly.

Firstly, the authors provide a good outline of the historical basis of the Law Against Unfair Competition and its development. They then explain the system of the Competition Law within the legal order, the law regarding unfair competition in Europe and competition within the public sector. The comments about the law against unfair competition concentrate on the most important judiciary case law, legal procedures and references to foreign competition laws. Price regulation is also thoroughly explained. Due to the increasing importance of foreign legal systems, a separate chapter is devoted to them. It contains an overall view of competition laws in many different countries, including China and the USA as well as the European countries.

The appendix includes relevant directives, wording of the law, pamphlets etc. as well as an alphabetical table of cases with an index.

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