Talks and Lectures

In addition to case-specific legal advice we also offer, according to demand, workshops and talks about relevant amendments to the law and developments in legal practice.

Prof. Dr. Ekey and his colleagues created and organised the Rheinischer Unternehmertag 2008 ( which took place on 24th October 2008 in Cologne.

In co-operation with Mr Rolf Friedrich, a partner from malik management zentrum St. Gallen AG, Mr Sebastian Prinz von Schoenaich-Carolath, president of Kölner Bank von 1867 eG, Mr Burkhard Krüger from R+V Versicherung, our lawyers Manuel Jansen and Prof. Dr. Friedrich L. Ekey invited enterprisers and consultants from the Rhineland area to discuss the following topics:

  • The new Limited Liability Company Law (Manuel Jansen, lawyer)
  • When is the manager personally liable? (Prof. Dr. Friedrich L. Ekey, lawyer)
  • Right and good management – Corporate Governance of the 21st century (Rolf Friedrich, partner malik management zentrum St.Gallen AG)
  • Effects of management quality on company rating (Sebastian Prinz von Schoenaich-Carolath, Vorstandsvorsitzender, Kölner Bank eG)
  • D&O Insurance – Fashion trend or existential covering? (Burkhard Krüger, R+V Versicherung AG)

Guests and lecturers discussed the mentioned topics until late in the evening. To read the lawyers Manuel Jansen and Prof. Dr. Friedrich L. Ekey’s texts click on the topics in the list above.

From 18th - 22nd June 2007 the Rheinische Fachhochschule organised the European Congress for Commercial Lawyers in Cologne, which could be financed by funds from the European Commission. This congress was a considerable success. Many company representatives with an economy or academic background as well as students took part. Topics were the European Insolvency Law, European Trademark Law and European Tax Law. Prof. Dr. Friedrich L. Ekey was co-organiser of this congress for commercial lawyers in Cologne. He was responsible among others for the academic management of the topic trademark law.

The participants of the seminar on trademark law during the European Congress for Commercial Lawyers dealt with the following topics: counterfeiting and piracy, community trademark and event trademark. The following participants also gave a lecture: Dr. Georg Fuchs-Wissemann, chief judge at the Federal Patent Court, Achim Bender, judge at the Federal Patent Court,

HABM/Alicante, the lawyers Holger Grauel, Manuel Jansen and Marcus Bumberger from Linz (Austria), Dr.jur. Pierre Roger Preussler, Meran (I), as well as solicitors Howard James and Amanda Elwell, both Birmingham (GB).

The lectures held during the congress as well as the results of the adjacent discussions will be summarized in a book, which will be commited to the European Commission.

Prof. Dr. EkeyOn 23rd June 2005, on the occasion of a presentation of the second edition of the "Heidelberg Commentary on Competition Law”, Prof. Dr. Ekey gave a lecture about the new Law Against Unfair Competition and the right to levy profits according to paragraph 10 of the Law Against Unfair Competition. The lecture took place at the plenary chamber of the Higher Regional Court in Cologne and upon an invitation of Johannes Riedel, the president of the County Court of Appeal. Afterwards, Dr. Christian Winternitz, a lawyer from Vienna, talked about the European Union directive to the law regarding unfair competition.

Please click here for the press release of the county court of appeal.

On 10th September 2004, as part of an event organised by Deutsche Telecom AG, Prof. Dr. Ekey reported on the impact of the reform of the Code of Civil Procedure of 1st January 2002 and the Law of Modernisation of the Legal System. This was followed by a lecture by Manuel Jansen about the newly introduced Law of Remuneration of Lawyers.

On 13th May 2003, Prof. Dr. Friedrich L. Ekey alongside with Achim Bender, judge at the Federal Patent Court (topic: The Community Trademark Jurisdiction of the European Court and of the Complaint Chambers of the Office for Harmonization in the Internal Market) gave a talk about recent jurisdiction for the German Trademark Law at the specialised bookstore Mauke in Hamburg. Both contributors also attended similar events shortly afterwards in Stuttgart and Berlin.

Please click here to find more details about the event in Hamburg.

On 8th May 2003, a presentation took place at the plenary chamber of the Higher Regional Court of Cologne, introducing the "Heidelberg Commentary on Trademark Law”, edited by Ekey and Klippel and published by C.F. Müller publishing company. The agenda included:Am 08.05.2003 fand im Plenarsaal des Oberlandesgerichts Köln eine Vorstellung des Heidelberger Kommentars zum Markenrecht

  • Welcoming by the President of the Higher Regional Court of Cologne, Dr. Armin Lünterbusch)
  • Introduction to "Practical Aspects of the Trademark Law Torn Between the European Community Trademark and Domestic Brands” (Dr. Friedrich L. Ekey, lawyer and lecturer at Rheinische Fachhochschule Köln)
  • The community trademark as an independent European Protective Right within the jurisdiction of the European Court and complaint chambers of the Office for Harmonization in the Internal Market (Achim Bender, judge at the Federal Patent Court, OHIM (Office for Harmonization in the Internal Market), Alicante)
  • Important issues of the Trademark Law in the Benelux countries (lawyer Rutger Abeln, Amsterdam)
  • Important issues of the French Trademark Law (lawyer Dr. Brigitte Victor-Granzer, Paris)
  • Important issues of the Italian Trademark Law (lawyer Dr. Pierre-Roger Preussler, Meran).

Please click here to view the press release of the Higher Regional Court of Cologne, dated 6th May 2003.

On 14th March 2002, our law firm organised and held a seminar about the modernisation of the Law of Obligation.

This event attracted a keen interest.

As requested by many participants, we enclose the manuscripts of the lectures held on 14th March 2002 in Cologne.

May we also point out that we kept this presentation form and did not include any academic references and that the presentation often varied from the written text.

The General Disturbance in Performance Law
- Lawyer Nina Steinweg -

The new Purchase, Contract of Services and Limitation Laws
- Lawyer Franziska Kramer -

The revised version of the General Terms and Conditions Law
- Lawyer Prof. Dr. Friedrich L. Ekey -

The effect of the reform of the Law of Obligations on Labour Law
- Lawyer Petra Schlieper-Kurre, Fachanwältin für Arbeitsrecht

On 28th January 2002, Petra Schlieper-Kurre, specialist solicitor for employment law, held an all-day training for the electoral board of a big insurance company with the subject "The Overall View of the Election Order of 11th December 2001, including the new regulations on the Procedures of the Employers’ Representation Act 2001”.